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Reading The Deep Blue Sea

Taking place over the course of one day, the play begins with the discovery of Hester Collyer in her flat by her neighbours, after     Hester has failed in an attempt to take her own life by gassing herself. In flashback, sometime before, Hester left her husband, Sir William Collyer, a respectable High Court judge, for a semi-alcoholic former RAF pilot, Freddie Page. Their relationship was physical and passionate, but his ardour eventually cooled, leaving her emotionally stranded and desperate. Initially unemployed, Freddie eventually takes a post in South America. The aftershocks of her attempted suicide unravel even the remnants of this relationship. By the end of the day, Hester is brought to a hard decision to live, partly through the intercession of another resident of the tenement house, Mr. Miller, an ex-doctor who has been struck off the register for an undisclosed reason. These two outcasts find a curious kinship.


  • Hester Collyer
  • Freddie Page
  • Sir William Collyer
  • Jackie Jackson
  • Mrs Elton
  • Liz Jackson
  • Mr. Miller
  • Collyer’s mother

Camino and Me with David Smart

On Friday 19th May – David Smart made his way to the beginning of the Camino de Santiago (Frances) in St Jean de Pied du Port, a small community village at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains. On Saturday morning 20th May – his journey officially began, walking a total of five hundred miles all the way across northern Spain to Santiago. Visiting many mountain villages along the way, and numerous vine yards, Rioja specifically!

His pilgrimage ended on June 26th – with the Pilgrims mass in the Cathedral on the 27th.

Now David would like to invite you to hear his stories of his journey and the pilgrims he met along the way.

Bar opens at 7pm

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