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August 26 - 29 2015
Gustave, Philippe, and Henri – war heroes, all – are plotting an escape. They've had enough of the tortures of their confinement…

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Cash on Delivery

September 12th-19th 2015
Eric Swan (aided by his Uncle George and unbeknown to his wife, Linda) has pocketed thousands of pounds through fraudulent DSS c…

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Next Acoustic Night July 3rd

Posted by Gareth on June 29, 2015

Acoustic Session, Friday 3rd July 2015

7.15pm -10.30pm ish

£2 entry (All)

Musicians and singers (and bands), will play in what has got to be the best sessions venue Bolton has to offer in this intimate little theatre atmosphere, invite friends and family to come and watch from the audience stalls that surround the stage.

- No distractions - No one-arm bandits - No glass collectors - No juke box JUST GREAT MUSIC

Set playing order - Fully Licensed separate bar
Great atmosphere - Fabulous venue

The Theatre gives us special dispensation and allows us to take our drinks into the Studio Theatre

Admittance fee £2 (Seats are limited - we ask that everyone pay £2 on the door which goes to the upkeep of this great venue where all the staff are volunteers)

1st Half 7.30 on the dot (Don't be late, get your seat early)

Gavin Walker
Andrew Neary
the real McCoy lovers
James Mason
Danny Page
Donna & John
Ben Atherton
Steve and Helen 
Danny Liptrott
James Mason
Headlining Tonight are:
Toria Rose Wooff
Mohawk Radio

For all questions about this evening - message Tony Walsh or Cami Walsh ( also check out

Second Reading for "Dinner" Sunday 7pm 28 June

Posted by Gareth on June 14, 2015

'Dinner' by Moira Buffini
Sunday 28 June at 7pm.
There will be a second reading. open to all, and especially those who were interested but couldn't make the first reading.

'Dinner' is a comedy that examines the relationship between money and personal fulfilment.
The points it addresses are present throughout, disguised by humour, but are violently exposed at the conclusion where the humour is suddenly and unexpectedly pulled away.

An artist, a scientist and a sexpot are coming to dinner. Paige, the hostess is supposedly celebrating the success of her philosopher husband’s bestseller. However, it is clear from the outset that this is to be no ordinary dinner party, instead it is to be disturbing and dysfunctional. The dinner party from hell, intended to completely humiliate Paige’s husband Lars, and to offend the guests.

Each act of the play centres around one course of a dinner party attended by six guests and a hired waiter. These are the only characters: the roles are of equal sizes and exceptionally diverse, providing large, meaty roles for actors of both sexes to get their teeth into. The waiter barely speaks at all, but is onstage the entire time overseeing the mechanics of the meal, and is revealed at the end to be crucial to the play’s terrifically dark twist. The script is liberally peppered with coarse language, particularly the C word, so it isn’t for the easily offended!

Paige – very elegant and sophisticated- Paige is not a very nice or happy woman. She carries the play and is always in complete control. 30s to 50s

Lars – reasonably smart but a bit dog eared around the edges. Patronising. Thinks he's more important than he is. 50s

Wynne – hippy type. Comic timing and a trusting expression. 50s

Hal – genial, smart, but with communication problems. Can’t talk about his job and can’t communicate with his wife. Well meaning but unperceptive. Late 30s to 50s

Sian – beautiful, sexy, cold, hard faced. Resents the fact that no-one can see past her appearance to the brain within. 30

Mike – Working class. The most “normal” character. Comfortable with himself. An observer. He pushes the other characters, trying to show them how unfulfilling their chosen paths are. Mid 20s/30s

Waiter – Silent, sinister, expressionless, efficient, clean cut. Possibly the most challenging role as his physicality is his only expression. Any age.


"Mr Wonderful" play reading Sunday 14 June at 7pm

Posted by Gareth on June 13, 2015

The next play reading will be for the comedy drama "Mr Wonderful". It will be held at 7pm in the theatre bar on Sunday 14th June 2015. The play will be running June 18th - 25th 2016.

Characters (2f 4m)
Norma Green
Eric Box
Phoebe Green
Lop Wink
Mr Wonderful

Norma works in a factory and cares for her bedridden mother Phoebe who is on the verges of Alzheimer's. Norma is trying to find her Mr Wonderful through a dating agency. After several attempts she meets Geoff, who seems reputable, and they leave for a weekend away. Phoebe has been left Geoff's mobile; she accesses his messages, discovering his true nature. An unhappy occurrence for Norma frees her to take her lasting revenge.


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